Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guess I have to start somewhere!

Well, welcome stalkers. Kidding (for the most part anyway). This is my first attempt at a blog, therefore I am bound to screw up, although I'm not too sure how I can since it's up to me when I write and what I write about. Whatever. I enjoy reading a ton, and music (but not AT40 on repeat for 3 hours, gross). I like Pandora radio a lot, because I discover new music that I love. I spend way too much time watching Gilmore Girls, and waste tons of time on Hulu. Oh, and I'm a Gleek, and I love and have a huge crush on House. I'll be attending college next fall, and am slightly undecided with what I want to do, but I'm leaning towards Secondary Ed. to teach English. I have an interest in journalism too, so I don't know. Oh, and I'm a chem nerd, so the new chemistry building at URI is somewhere where I hope to spend far too much time in, along with the library. Oh, right, college. I want to go to URI, I'm waiting on my acceptance letter. There, now you know a little bit about me.

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