Thursday, April 7, 2011

Post about music/guitars/acoustics/hot guys

First off, discovering Tyler Ward Music all of 45 minutes ago has brought on strong nostalgic for having a guitar playing boyfriend with a great voice (and face) and not popular acoustic music. I love it. Tyler Ward has a few very good original songs but also puts his own spin on popular songs like "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry, and "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. I have fallen for Tyler Ward and he just needs to come to Rhode Island so the feeling can be mutual. He's so playful in his music videos (made mostly on his webcam) and has some killer vocals. I miss singing a lot (since I stopped going to church for the most part the only singing I get done is in the car, which isn't the same when I can't change the octaves or tempo or have my own personal guitar player.. also something I miss about said guitar playing ex boyfriend- awesome harmonization)... I do have decent vocals and can kinda sorta play piano, but not well.
Anyway, I'm really sick of the top 40 playing on every single radio station. If my car didn't have a CD player, I would definitely be investing in an iPod cord for my car otherwise I'd go insane. I do like most of that music, but I get sick of it after like a week. Also, a pet peeve of mine, when radio people proclaim to be playing "new music" off a CD that has been out for over a year, but they are just getting around to playing to track two on the set list.
Acoustic music is beautiful and the guys that can play and sing are just that more lovable. The end.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday night is honestly the best night for TV. I have to say, in the past, I've never been so addicted to TV other than Gilmore Girls (which is still my favorite show). I just finished watching the finale of The Bachelor. I did have a girl that I wanted Brad to propose to, and of course he chose the other lady. Whatever, he's happy. But more importantly, House, my second favorite show of all time (Glee comes in third). Cudi and the very sexy, badass House finally have a functioning relationship (well, outside of work anyway), and then she gets diagnosed with cancer and House goes a little crazy. Not super crazy, but he disappeared for a little while. It's good that he finally did show up to be there for Cudi though, not only because I'm a hopeless romantic, but because it was unexpected, even I expected him to go get drunk and be back on Vicodin again.

In other news, St. Patrick's Day is Thursday. Yes. I love being Irish (until July when everyone else is a perfect golden brown and I'm a lobster). It means corned beef and cabbage (although I don't like cabbage, whatever, carrots are yummy) with my momma and probably Nina again. It also means stealing more bar beer glasses because the restaurants don't notice all too much on St. Patrick's Day.. just a little tradition that we like to keep up with. The only drawback is that I don't like Guinness. I've tried to like it, but I can't help but want to spit it out.

Anyway, I need to shower and sleep. Even though my portfolio is complete and presented, I've been accepted to every college I applied to, and have enough credits to graduate, I still have to show up at 7 o'clock in the friggin morning. Joy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I suck at blogging.

So apparently, I suck at blogging. Although I read some of them religiously, I've written once since creating this out of shear boredom in November. Funny how things change in 4 months.. still going to URI (yes, I got accepted), but have no interest in studying education. After talking to many teachers, current college students in the midst of major changes, and some other mentor type people, secondary education sounds like a horrible career path for me. Instead, I'm majoring in biomedical sciences. My cousin Natalia, along with a close friend and teachers, guided me to this choice. Natalia works for Pfizer, and her job is extremely exciting to me, and I decided I want to do something very similar to what she does, testing cells and reagents and things.

Anyway, I saw The Social Network last night, and was very disappointed. While Mark Zuckerberg is obviously a genius, he was a huge douche to his best friend and partner, Eduardo Saverin. He completely screwed him over, and for no worthy purpose or intentions. Saverin was working his ass off to advertise then-called thefacebook, and Zuckerberg didn't gave a shit, and basically dropped Saverin's percentage from 30 to 0.033. Saverin did relieve a huge (exact amount unknown) settlement from Zuckerberg though, and was re-added to Facebook's ownership. Zuckerberg also had to give the founders of ConnectU, also Harvard students (played by very sexy actors) 65 million dollars. Eat that, Zuckerberg. That's what you get for being an impatient and inconsiderate douche.