Thursday, April 7, 2011

Post about music/guitars/acoustics/hot guys

First off, discovering Tyler Ward Music all of 45 minutes ago has brought on strong nostalgic for having a guitar playing boyfriend with a great voice (and face) and not popular acoustic music. I love it. Tyler Ward has a few very good original songs but also puts his own spin on popular songs like "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry, and "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. I have fallen for Tyler Ward and he just needs to come to Rhode Island so the feeling can be mutual. He's so playful in his music videos (made mostly on his webcam) and has some killer vocals. I miss singing a lot (since I stopped going to church for the most part the only singing I get done is in the car, which isn't the same when I can't change the octaves or tempo or have my own personal guitar player.. also something I miss about said guitar playing ex boyfriend- awesome harmonization)... I do have decent vocals and can kinda sorta play piano, but not well.
Anyway, I'm really sick of the top 40 playing on every single radio station. If my car didn't have a CD player, I would definitely be investing in an iPod cord for my car otherwise I'd go insane. I do like most of that music, but I get sick of it after like a week. Also, a pet peeve of mine, when radio people proclaim to be playing "new music" off a CD that has been out for over a year, but they are just getting around to playing to track two on the set list.
Acoustic music is beautiful and the guys that can play and sing are just that more lovable. The end.

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